To create progressive web app that user could install in place of the app.
Notifying users when a new article is added to the website.
Different commenting platforms considered to provide comment facility.
Let users save locations anonymously.
Client: R2D2 Technologies
Project Span: 2017
Technologies: PHP, HTML, AngularJs, Javascript, CSS, Android, iOS
Team: Tejas (Backend)
Abhishek (Frontend)
Vishal (Frontend)
Soumyadip (Android)
Neha (iOS)
Aakash (Design)
Aniruddha (Design)
About the project is a community greentech movement to counter and fight pollution, founded by three individuals living together in Delhi NCR bound together by the passion to use technology to improve air quality and combat air pollution.
An app to keep track of pollution at home, work place and other locations and provide users with tips and measures to take to prevent health issues because of the pollution. The app provides morning and evening notification to the user to check pollution.
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