Create web apps with animations.
Client: In-house product
Project Span: 2015/17
Technologies: PHP, AngularJS, Java, Swift
Team: Pranjal (Backend)
Neha (App/iOS)
Soumyadip (App/Android)
Abhishek (Frontend)
Vishal (Frontend)
Aniruddha (Design)
Aakash (Design)
About the project
OPINIA Census is a responsible, real-time feedback & crowdsourcing tool which helps organization or individual to gather, evaluate and understand data. It collects data from multiple channels and visualizes this information to fetch vital insights from the respondents, and help listen to their actual voices.
OPINIA Census enables its clients to take suitable action by the means of broadcasting SMS and E-Mails to the narrowed down target group. Designed for all industries including Employee and HR, Hospitality, Education and more, it provides them Data expertise to identify the target audience and to simplify an organization’s decision making process. This in turn, also helps organizations to ascertain areas that need improvement thus helping them in building a more customer focused product/service.
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